OBSCURA | “Akroasis” Official Music Video – 1.000.000 Views

Akroasis‘, the new album by German progressive metal masters OBSCURA, is out now via Relapse Records on CD/2xLP/Digital.

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Camera #1 | Christian Rogl
Camera #2 | Georg Reiter
Set Audio | Norwin Palme
Makeup artist | Sabrina Ventura
Editing & Production | Steffen Kummerer

Filmed in Salzburg, Austria at 17th of October 2015.

Within a fountain of stars, deforming remnants pulsate
in eclectic wisdom sublime, warping quantiles vibrate
Divine, a glimpse of carbon-based life, A gargantuan symmetric pursuit
in harmonic order, monolithic derivation, of seminal repute

Arise – Emanation of cosmos and time
Revive – Relinquished, forsaken, deserted mankind

Omnipresent, eudemonic, abandoned in ecstasy
Beyond all finite and infinite, quantile elements scintillate
in serendipity stillborn, a harmonic resonance amain

OBSCURA | featured @ BANGER TV

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Come To The SUMMER BREEZE Open Air! Finest death metal craft on the highest level is what OBSCURA are bringing to SUMMER BREEZE 2018. Already at the pinnacle of the death metal Olympus for some years now, the band don’t have a long way to travel to the festival. Everyone who has ever seen the guys from Landshut live or listened to their records knows they are technically flawless and never neglect a certain amount of catchiness.

With Linus Klausenitzer, Rafael Trujillo and Sebastian Lanser, mastermind Steffen Kummerer has gathered true masters around him. Melded into one mighty aesthetic Gesamtkunstwerk, the instruments act in a way that takes over the listener, rendering him/her defenceless: partly subtle, partly raging. Let us travel together into the depths of the tech death universe, with OBSCURA providing the headbanging supplies. Launch site is Dinkelsbühl at SUMMER BREEZE 2018.



SEPULTURA | “Machine Messiah” European Tour 2018 – Trailer #1

Sepultura announce »Machine Messiah Tour 2018« with OBSCURA as direct support

In early 2018, Brazilian thrash metal legends SEPULTURA will head out on a lengthy and extensive European headline tour in support of their highly acclaimed album »Machine Messiah«. Be prepared for a full 90 minutes of pure SEPULTURA, with a set list featuring new hits as well as some timeless classics.

After an extremely successful tour with KREATOR and a raft of festival shows in 2017, SEPULTURA will return to Europe with their most powerful billing yet. German technical death metal masters OBSCURA are confirmed as direct support, followed by US-based death/black metallers GOATWHORE and New Jersey’s finest deathcore outfit, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY.

“Sepulnation Europe, I’m very happy to announce our first headline tour for the Machine Messiah album in February/March 2018! I couldn’t be more excited with the bands that are going to be together with us, such amazing acts like Obscura, Goatwhore and Fit For An Autopsy! So be ready, the Messiah is on the move, see you all soon! DESTROY!!!!” – Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA)

»Machine Messiah Tour 2018«


23.02.2018 DE – Leipzig, Conne Island TICKETS | facebook event

24.02.2018 CZ – Zlin, Masters of Rock Cafe TICKETS | facebook event

25.02.2018 HU – Budapest, Barba Negra TICKETS | facebook event

27.02.2018 IT – Rome, Orion Club TICKETS | facebook event

28.02.2018 IT – Milano, Magazzini Generali TICKETS | facebook event

01.03.2018 AT – Graz, Explosiv TICKETS | facebook event

02.03.2018 SK – Bratislava, Majestic Music Club TICKETS | facebook event

03.03.2018 PL – Warsaw, Proxima TICKETS | facebook event

04.03.2018 PL – Gdansk, B90 TICKETS | facebook event

06.03.2018 DE – Berlin, Columbia Theater TICKETS | facebook event

07.03.2018 DE – Hamburg, Docks TICKETS | facebook event

08.03.2018 DE – Saarbrücken, Garage TICKETS | facebook event

09.03.2018 DE – Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn TICKETS | facebook event

10.03.2018 DE – München, Backstage TICKETS | facebook event

11.03.2018 NL – Utrecht, Tivoli Ronda TICKETS | facebook event

13.03.2018 UK – Bristol, SWX TICKETS | facebook event

14.03.2018 UK – Glasgow, SWG3 TICKETS | facebook event

15.03.2018 IR – Dublin, The Tivoli TICKETS | facebook event

16.03.2018 UK – Pwlhelli, Hammerfest TICKETS | facebook event

17.03.2018 UK – Sheffield, Foundry TICKETS | facebook event

18.03.2018 UK – London, Koko TICKETS | facebook event

20.03.2018 FR – Paris, Elysee Montmartre TICKETS | facebook event

21.03.2018 DE – Bochum, Zeche TICKETS | facebook event

22.03.2018 DE – Nürnberg, Hirsch TICKETS | facebook event

23.03.2018 AT – Salzburg, Rockhouse TICKETS | facebook event

24.03.2018 CH – Solothurn, Kofmehl TICKETS | facebook event


OBSCURA | Guest Musician – Jonas Baumgartl (ex Obscura)

Jonas Baumgartl participates on Obscura‘s new album to finish the four-album circle that begun with “Cosmogenesis” in 2009. Being a founding member of Obscura, Jonas Baumgartl has been key member of the band between 2002 and 2007.

Recording drums and cello on the band’s first and only demo “Illegimitation” (2003), as well as the debut “Retribution” (2004), Jonas has been an essential part to form “Cosmogenesis”, performing “Incarnated”, “Desolate Spheres”, “Noospheres” and “Anticosmic Overload” live and during pre-production recordings, prior Obscura‘s worldwide career.