Come To The SUMMER BREEZE Open Air! Finest death metal craft on the highest level is what OBSCURA are bringing to SUMMER BREEZE 2018. Already at the pinnacle of the death metal Olympus for some years now, the band don’t have a long way to travel to the festival. Everyone who has ever seen the guys from Landshut live or listened to their records knows they are technically flawless and never neglect a certain amount of catchiness.

With Linus Klausenitzer, Rafael Trujillo and Sebastian Lanser, mastermind Steffen Kummerer has gathered true masters around him. Melded into one mighty aesthetic Gesamtkunstwerk, the instruments act in a way that takes over the listener, rendering him/her defenceless: partly subtle, partly raging. Let us travel together into the depths of the tech death universe, with OBSCURA providing the headbanging supplies. Launch site is Dinkelsbühl at SUMMER BREEZE 2018.