The Austrian virtuoso drummer David Diepold (BENIGHTED, HATE, BELPHEGOR, GIVE EM BLOOD, COGNIZANCE) known for his highly technical signature playing in extreme metal, has joined the German progressive death metallers OBSCURA as a permanent member. He collaborated internationally with several groups as session player and is also working as drum teacher. Diepold appeared on COGNIZANCE‘s first full-length album “Malignant Dominion” (2019) among other recordings.

‘Being asked to join OBSCURA was definitely a dream come true! You know, I’m at a point in my musical career, where I tend to say, that the countless hours in my rehearsal room are finally starting to pay off. Especially over the last five or six years, applications from bands and musicians continuously got more professional and collaborating with those artists all helped a lot to improve my drumming skills and to grow as a musician. I will do my absolute best to recreate Hannes’ and Sebastian’s parts in the context of our live performances but most of all, I’m looking forward to write new material with such outstanding musicians!‘, says David.

Founded in 2002, OBSCURA established its reputation by releasing five studio albums which have been highly acclaimed by fans and press alike, accompanied by playing support tours as well as their own headline shows all around the globe.

Video and photo credit: Manuel Diepold

OBSCURA | “Mortification of the Vulgar Sun” – Drum Playthrough

Video: TAMA Drums Germany
Roland Meinl Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG

Camera: Stephan Hänisch & Axel Winkler
Edit: Axel Winkler

Drum Recording & Sound: Norwin Palme

Order ‘Diluvium’ Here: http://bit.ly/ObscuraDiluvium
Digital Downloads / Stream: http://smarturl.it/ObscuraDiluvium

Diluvium Europa 2020

Obscura | EU Headlining Tour 2020OBSCURA

14.02.2020 Metz (France) – Haunting The Chapel
15.02.2020 Zug (Switzerland) – Galvanik
16.02.2020 Bologna (Italy) – Locomotiv
17.02.2020 Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Orto Bar
18.02.2020 Graz (Austria) – Explosiv
19.02.2020 Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina) – Palma
20.02.2020 Sofia (Bulgaria) – Mixtape5
21.02.2020 Bucharest (Romania) – Quantic Club
22.02.2020 Belgrade (Serbia) – Bozidarac
23.02.2020 Budapest (Hungary) – Dürer-Kert
24.02.2020 Bratislava (Slovakia) – Randal
25.02.2020 Prague (Czech Rep.) – Futurum
26.02.2020 Krakow (Poland) – Kwadrat
27.02.2020 Warsaw (Poland) – Proxima
28.02.2020 Riga (Latvia) – Melna Piektdiena
29.02.2020 Tallinn (Estonia) – Tapper Club
01.03.2020 Helsinki (Finland) – Tavastia
03.03.2020 Stockholm (Sweden) – Klubben
04.03.2020 Oslo (Norway) – John Dee
05.03.2020 Aarhus (Denmark) – Voxhall
06.03.2020 Essen (Germany) – Turock
07.03.2020 Landshut (Germany) – Rocket Club

Tickets: https://realmofobscura.com/live

OBSCURA | “The Monist” LIVE @ 15 Years Anniversary 2018

We proudly present you this pro-shot live clip of “The Monist” from our 15 years anniversary show 2018.

It’s a foretaste of the upcoming DILUVIUM EUROPA TOUR that starts on Friday. Don’t miss out on this one!

Enjoy the full video here: youtube.com/watch?v=9asNpQ6ooGY

Obscura | EU Headlining Tour 2020


DILUVIUM EUROPA Tour 2020 with God Dethroned / Thulcandra / Fractal Universe

14.02. FR – Metz, Les Trinitaires⁠
15.02. CH – Zug, Galvanik⁠
16.02. IT – Bologna, Locomotiv⁠
17.02. SL – Ljubljana, Orto Bar⁠
18.02. AT – Graz, Explosiv⁠
19.02. BIH – Tuzla, Palma⁠
20.02. BG – Sofia, Mixtape 5⁠
21.02. RO – Bucharest, Quantic Club⁠
22.02. SR – Belgrade, Dom Omladine⁠
23.02. HU – Budapest, Dürer-Kert⁠
24.02. SK – Bratislava, Randall⁠
25.02. CZ – Prague, Futurum⁠
26.02. PL – Krakow, Kwadrat⁠
27.02. PL – Warsaw, Proxima⁠
28.02. LV – Riga, Melna Piektdiena⁠
29.02. EST – Tallin, Tapper Club⁠
01.03. FI – Helsinki, Tavastia⁠
03.03. SWE – Stockholm, Klubben⁠
04.03. NO – Oslo, John Dee⁠
05.03. DK – Aarhus, Voxhall⁠
06.03. DE – Essen, Turock⁠
07.03. DE – Landshut, Rocket Club⁠

Tickets: https://realmofobscura.com/live


OBSCURA | “Emergent Evolution” Guitar Contest 2020

OBSCURA announce a guitar contest for the latest single “Emergent Evolution“. Take your chance to show us your solo. In association with ENGL amplification and ESP Guitars,we will provide some amazing prizes for the winners!

OBSCURA | Guitar Contest 2020 – Submissions

1. Download the Backing Track , GuitarPro File, PDF and Cubase Session here.
2. Record a video submission of your solo and upload it to YouTube with the tag
3. Only one entry per person.
4. All submitted videos will be collected in the playlist “OBSCURA | Guitar Contest
2020”- send your links to contact@realmofobscura.com
5. Submissions are to be entered between 8th of January and 8th of February.
6. OBSCURA pick the three winners on 12th of February 2020!

1. The first place winner of the contest wins a brand new ENGL Cabloader, an
Emergent Evolution TS, a signed Diluvium Vinyl, a signed Diluvium CD, custom
Obscura earplugs, a Obscura logo keychain, and 4 Ernie Ball Obscura Guitar Pics
2. The second place winner wins a signed Diluvium Vinyl, a signed Diluvium CD,
custom Obscura earplugs and 4 Ernie Ball Obscura Guitar Pics.
3. The third place winner wins a signed Diluvium CD, custom Obscura earplugs and 4
Earnie Ball Obscura Guitar Picks.

● The winner will be picked by the band on Feb 12 2020.
● All decisions are final.
● By entering the contest you agree that your full name and YouTube account is
mentioned on our social media platforms and that we might contact you in case of
● In case of winning you agree to submit your video in high resolution and allow
OBSCURA, ENGL amplification, and ESP guitars to upload it to their social media accounts.
● In case of winning you will provide a valid shipping address..
● The raffle is not associated with YouTube, Facebook or Instagram in any way.

OBSCURA | Illegimitation Digital Release

The first and only OBSCURA demo is now available on all major streaming platforms!

Steffen Kummerer comments:

Illegimitation shows the band in it’s juvenile and purest form; the first and only demo was recorded in 2003 with engineer V. Santura who shall become an international respected producer in later years. Those four songs represent the earliest steps with the original lineup consisting Martin Ketzer on Vocals & Bass, Armin Seitz on Guitar and Jonas Baumgartl on Drums and Cello. The material ranges between death, black and thrash metal with a pinch of our experimental side we embossed on later releases.

In late 2006, right after finishing our first European tour supporting Obscura’s debut “Retribution“, we booked a studio session to record a row of covers and compositions for our second album “Cosmogenesis” with the lineup Markus Lempsch on Guitar, Jonas Fischer on Bass and Jonas Baumgartl on Drums.

To spice up the compilation “Illegimitation“, we went back to Woodshed Studios with V. Santura in 2011 and recorded three covers of bands that had their impact on the early years of Obscura; Death, Cynic and Atheist. Recording those three songs has been the debut for Linus Klausenitzer on fretless bass, and turned into the last session with Christian Münzner and Hannes Grossmann.

Since the vinyl edition was sold out years ago, and CDs are quite obsolete for most fans these days, the entire compilation will be available in digital form on all common platforms. Enjoy and see you on the road.!

Check this link to choose your favourite provider now: