OBSCURA | “Diluvium” – New Album 2018

1st song and Diluvium preorders next Tuesday, May 8th at 10:30am EST / 16:30 Europe


OBSCURA | 15 Years Anniversary Show – Running Order & More

Obscura | 15 Years Anniversary Show - Ticket„We would like to welcome you as our guests to celebrate the 15th anniversary of both Obscura and Thulcandra in our hometown Landshut. We invited our friends in Deserted Fear and Sektor alongside old band members and friends that supported both bands since the very early days in 2002 and 2003. We prepared a few nostalgic surprises and offer a free meet & greet at 19:30 for everyone.

Since the venue “Alte Kaserne” closes its doors after the show quite immediately, we heavily recommend you to visit Landshut downtown (Altstadt) after the concert to share a drink with us at one of our beloved rock and metal hotspots: Schwarzer Hahn, Ostrich Bar, Vempire, Irish Pub, Rocket Club and Penny Lane. With guests from Singapore to Sweden and in between we are looking forward to celebrate 15 years of heavy music with you.”

Steffen Kummerer, Obscura & Thulcandra

Running Order

19:00 Doors
19:30 Meet&Greet
20:00 Sektor
21:00 Thulcandra
22:00 Deserted Fear
23:00 Obscura

Obscura | 15 Year Anniversary HandoutLocation

Liesl-Karlstadt-Weg 4
84036 Landshut


Find all information here at a print-it-yourself schedule.

OBSCURA | “Ode to the Sun” – Official Playthrough by Steffen Kummerer

Steffen Kummerer | ESP GuitarsGuitarist and songwriter Steffen Kummerer, well known for his work as a member of progressive death metal band Obscura, black metal band Thulcandra, and currently a member of tribute act Death to All, has joined the ESP artist roster. Steffen is currently playing a custom shop E-II M-II Seven, a E-II Horizon FR-7 and a LTD A-430E LTD acoustic guitar.

“With ESP Guitars and their exceptional crafted guitars I developed and refined my personal sound from scratch. Some years ago I bought a wonderful white ESP Eclipse with a Floyd Rose system and was impressed by both, sound and manufacturing of the instrument. Within a close collaboration we are developing some interesting projects in the near future. Obscura’s new album, “Diluvium”, features the first recordings with the new sound – listen and enjoy.”

Technical death metal masters OBSCURA have completed their fifth full-length album entitled Diluvium. Diluvium was recorded with longtime producer V. Santura (Triptykon, Pestilence) at Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany. The album is set for a Summer 2018 release via Relapse Records.

On April 30, OBSCURA celebrates their 15 year anniversary at Alte Kaserne Landshut in Germany.
Additionally, the band has announced several festival appearances including Vienna Metal Meeting, Amsterdam Metal Meeting and Summer Breeze Open Air.

More tour dates and album info will be announced soon.

OBSCURA | Interview w/ BANGER TV at 70000 Tons of Metal Festival

OBSCURA singer Steffen Kummerer interview at 70,000 Tons of Metal about how not to be a dictator in a band, their four-album cycle, and playing in Death To All.

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OBSCURA | Steffen Kummerer joins the ERNIE BALL Artist Family

OBSCURA | Ernie Ball Steffen Kummerer

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