OBSCURA | “A Valediction” World Tour – Episode #3

Welcome to the next episode of our “A Valediction” – World Tour” documentary. In this video, you’ll join OBSCURA on their trip to Canada. Watch the full video for excellent live action, stunning landscapes and a glimpse behind the scenes.

While the first leg of our „A Valediction World Tour“ started in North America in February 2022, the pandemic and restrictions to enter Canada have been in full force still. We sticked to the shows despite canceling all concerts ahead of time, and hoped for the best. While two shows in Quebec had to be skipped unfortunately, we entered Canada one day after all restrictions have been lifted to perform in Winnipeg which turned into a sold-out endeavor with fans packed to the roof, stage divers all over the place and finally the celebration of live music of everyone attended that evening. Feel free to have a look behind the scenes of our 2022 concerts in Canada.“ – Steffen Kummerer


Video by Vollvincent