Obscura | Sebastian Lanser performing “Incarnated” live in Wrocław

Watch Sebastian Lanser performing Obscura’s classic “Incarnated” (Cosmogenesis, Relapse Records 2009) at Club Firlej, Wrocław, Poland. Recorded as part of the “Akroasis World Tour” on 5th of November by Rafał Habrajski for Drummers of Hell.

Mixed and Mastered by Norwin Palme.


Tama Silverstar Mirage Drumkit
22“x16“ BD (2x)
8“x6“ TT
10“7“ TT
12“x8“ TT
14“x12“ FT
16“x14“ FT
14“x6,5“ Charlie Benante Signature Snare

Meinl Cymbals (from L to R)

22“ Mb10 Heavy Ride
18“ Byzance Extra Dry China
10“ Byzance Extra Dry Dual Splash
14“ Byzance Serpents Hats
18“ Byzance Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash
8“ Byzance Traditional Splash
10“ Byzance Traditional Splash
14“ Byzance Brilliant China
20“ Byzance Traditional Medium Crash
13“ Byzance Serpents Hats
20“ Byzance Extra Dry China
20“ Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash

Evans Heads

Toms: EC2S Clear (top), G1 Clear (bottom)
Snare: Power Center Reverse Dot, Snare Side Clear 300
Bass Drums: EMAD2 Clear, EQ3 (Reso)

Promark Sticks

American Hickory TX2BW