OBSCURA | releases “Forsaken” guitar play-through video

Watch OBSCURA’s shred section, Steffen Kummerer and Christian Münzner, demonstrating a tour de force of guitar skills performing FORSAKEN in its entirety. The seven minute long composition has been taken off the bands current album, “A Valediction” (2021, Nuclear Blast).

Produced by German director Mirko Witzki (Kreator, Arch Enemy, Obscura), FORSAKEN has been recorded at ENGL Showroom, in Remscheid, Germany, showcasing the entire production line of ENGL Amplification.

OBSCURA | “Forsaken” – Official Playthrough by Steffen Kummerer & Christian Münzner

A Valediction | Official Guitar Tablature – Deluxe Bundle

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This book has been transcribed by the band themselves to reflect their live arrangement (2 Guitars), making for a unique book that will shed light on the playing methodology and intuition of guitarists Steffen Kummerer and Christian Münzner.

OBSCURA at Sheet Happens Publishing

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