OBSCURA | Complete works anniversary bundle

OBSCURA – Complete works anniversary bundle – 7CDs bundle out now!

Just in time for the 20th anniversary, OBSCURA have revealed a bundle that summarises the last two decades of the band. The bundle is strictly limited to 100 units and only available exclusively in the Nuclear Blast Online Shop!

The bundle contains:

7 CDs:
💿️ A Valediction
💿️ Diluvium
💿️ Akroasis
💿️ Omnivium
💿️ Cosmogenesis
💿️ Retribution
💿️ Illegimitation

⭐️ A Valediction Poster
⭐️ A Valediction Sticker
⭐️ Obscura Logo Patch
⭐️ Obscura Signature Card
⭐️ Obscura Guitar Posterflag

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