OBSCURA | Illegimitation Vinyl

OBSCURA‘s first and only demo “Illegimitation” will finally be available on vinyl again. We’re gonna release it as Black Gatefold LP on the 1st of February.

The demo collection, originally released in 2012, contains the 2003 demo “Illegimitation”, three never-released tracks of the “Cosmogenesis” pre-production (2006), and cover versions of Death, Atheist & Cynic (2011).

The LP comes with an inlay booklet including never seen before photos & a full band history.
Pre-order your copy here: https://realmofobscura.com/product/illegimitation-lp-black

“Illegimitation” Demo 2003
01 …and all will come to an End
02 Crucified
03 Fear
04 Immanent Desaster

“Cosmogenesis” Pre-Production 2006
05 Incarnated
06 Open The Gates
07 Headworm

Woodshed Studio Sessions 2011
08 The Flesh and The Power it Holds (Death)
09 Piece of Time (Atheist)
10 How Could I (Cynic)