Obscura | Album Update #4

Steffen Kummerer

„As of today I finished recording rhythm guitars, most of the lead guitars and tracking vocals for the new Obscura album with V. Santura at Woodshed Studios, Germany. All arrangements worked fluently, each and every detail is elaborated to it’s entirely. Tight to the core, the performance of our rhythm section made it easy recording guitars for this monster of an album. Rounding out each and every composition, details such as acoustic guitars, a string ensemble, choirs and the remaining solos are the next pieces to record and finish the most diverse and progressive album this band ever produced up to this date.


While putting the final touches to our fourth full length album, the band is working on a full touring cycle to play for you and share our music with our loyal fans. We finish the new record before hitting the road to play this year’s Summer Slaughter tour. Come out and enjoy the most extreme tour of the year!” – Steffen Kummerer