New Drummer | Sebastian Lanser


SEBASTIAN LANSER has been a passionate drummer from early childhood. He studied drums (with a minor in piano) at A. Bruckner University (graduating with honors) and has since become an internationally requested drummer because of his versatility.

“I am really looking forward into working together and sharing stages with Obscura! Since i am a huge admirer of the band and my good friend and drumming buddy Hannes Grossmann, i feel really excited but honored to take a seat on his former throne! This will open a totally new musical chapter in my career!” – Sebastian Lanser

“The role of a rhythm section in metal music is often misunderstood. I’m so happy that we found a drummer that has a great appreciation for dynamic, aggressiveness and groove. It was very important to us forming a new lineup that is able to create new unique and meaningful music within Obscura’s trademark sound. Just take a look at Sebastian’s impressive biography and you’ll see that it’s full of complex and extreme music in various styles. I’m a big fan of his playing and I can’t wait to make music together! He’s the perfect match!” – Linus Klausenitzer

Sebastian is part of the German band PANZERBALLETT, with whom he has recorded three albums (Starke Stücke, Hart Genossen, Tank Goodness). The jazz-metal band played more than 200 club shows and festivals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the U.S., France, Armenia, and Lithuania, and has made numerous TV and radio appearances (including WDR, ARTE, 3sat, BR, SR, and SWR).

Sebastian gained wide notoriety for his performances and drum clinics for TAMA drums and MEINL cymbals alongside seminars and workshops including Dresden Drum Festival, Karlsruhe Drummer Days, Extreme Drummers Universe Festival (on the topic “polyrhythms and odd meters”) among others.