David Diepold joins Fishsticks Blast Team

David Diepold has officially joined the Fishsticks Drumsticks Blast Team!

David states, “One might think that finding the perfect pair of sticks isn’t a hard thing to do in today’s world of countless stick brands. And up to a certain length and diameter that also seems to be true. But once you passed the range of 5B, you’ll find yourself with a lot less variety than you’d expect. Especially if you want something longer than a standard 2B with a nylon tip.”

Fishsticks offer exactly that – a fine selection of top quality drum sticks in all sizes. Also in that XXL range, for drummers, who want just a little bit more. So if you want to give it a try, head over to https://ibbotsondrums.com.au find your perfect stick and use the discount code “DIEPOLD10” to get 10% off of all pairs.