10 Years Obscura

10 year anniversary

“After years of recording, touring & building up a loyal fanbase around the world we invite all of our friends & fans to our 10 year anniversary show in Landshut, Germany. We celebrate the end of the ‘OMNIVIUM Worldtour‘ in the same city where it started early 2011. To make this event something special we reformed the original lineup of Obscura for a short set, playing the full ‘ILLEGIMITATION‘ demo as a whole.

While DARK FORTRESS and HOKUM share a long history of links with OBSCURA, it seems almost self-evident to have both booked for ‘10 YEARS OBSCURAA Decade Of Progressive Death Metal‘. Let’s make this a great evening for everyone.” – Steffen Kummerer


(valid student ID required for admittance)

Tickets are strictly limited to 500 and available only at OBSCURA mailorder & ‘Landshuter Zeitung: Ticketservice’.

Please visit this location for all details concerning the 10 year anniversary show.


OBSCURA will headline next year’s SULTANS OF DEATH FESTIAL in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Bands performing are DEFEATED SANITY, DEADBORN, FRAGEMENTS OF UNBECOMING among other groups.

IMPERICON Merchandise

IMPERICON offer a couple of FREE SIGNED GIMMICKS such as hardware used during the OMNIVIUM Worldtour, signed copys of the recent released ILLEGIMITATION collection. The first seven customers ordering an Obscura Tentacle hoodie recieve one of the goodies for free.

Steffen Kummerer officially joins the EMG family

Steffen Kummerer is highly regarded as one of the purveyors of modern progressive death metal and known best for being the founder, primary songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist for German prog-death band Obscura.

EMG Pickups is proud to welcome Steffen to the official EMG roster as he has been a long time fan and user of EMG products and he brings an immense amount of talent and dedication to his craft. We look to many years of cooperation with him and his projects.

Official Steffen Kummerer EMG artist page

“The EMG 85 is the perfect pickup for a balanced high gain rhythm guitar and in general for heavy sounds. Since more than 10 years I don’t play anything else. I am highly satisfied with the aggressive but controlled crisp tone. This is my sound.” –Steffen Kummerer

Obscura – The Mexico Momentum

Obscura confirm an exclusive show in Mexico City at the 8th of December 2012. This will be the only show within the Omnivium Worldtour in Central & South America.

Ticket & Show informations

Boletos disponibles por el sistema ticketmaster y en taquilla del Circo, a partir del Miércoles 15 de Agosto.

Ojo: El facebook está marcando horario equivocado.

Hora: 8:00 PM

Entrada General.
$500 del 15 de Agosto al 22 de Agosto
$550 hasta el 22 de Noviembre
$600 a partir del 23 de Noviembre

Taquilla del Circo Volador
Lunes a Viernes de 12:00 a 19:00 hrs. Y los Sábados de 11:00 a 14:00 hrs. cuando no haya ningún evento y de 12:00 a 17:00 hrs. cuando lo haya. Tels. 5740-9012 y 5740-3485