OBSCURA | Welcome 2021

With 2020, a quite intense year comes to an end. We toured successfully in March and April without any canceled show and just performed the last show of the year in a sold-out venue in our hometown which marked the final concert for all of us. A few days after all venues closed and we live in an on-off shut down since then. Touring with God Dethroned, Thulcandra, and Fractal Universe around Europe turned out quite intense but joyful alike while delivering double duties every day.
Wrapping up our “Diluvium Europa 2020” tour marked the end of a ten-year long-lasting chapter for OBSCURA. With four connected albums, based on a thought-out concept, and hundreds of concerts around the globe, the band turns over a new leaf with the sixth album which will see the light of day in late 2021 through Nuclear Blast.
The future is looking bright and new music will be released soon. 2021 will surprise you, watch out for updates and join us on the ride!
Happy 2021!
Steffen Kummerer