OBSCURA | “Septuagint” live at Way of Darkness Festival 2011

Here comes another live song from Way of Darkness Festival 2011 for you. Enjoy ‘Septuagint‘ from our album OMNIVIUM.

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OBSCURA | “Anticosmic Overload” live at Way of Darkness Festival 2011

A fresh new video from the OBSCURA archive:
The Anticosmic Overload” (Live at Way Of Darkness Festival 2011).

Steffen Kummerer comments, “In 2011, we performed at Way of Darkness Festival, Germany with the touring lineup supporting Omnivium. This rare footage has been held in our archive for years and finally got a proper mix and postproduction to see a free release for our fans who support us for years. Enjoy this little throwback and watch out for news of our upcoming album.”

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OBSCURA | “Alone” live at Up From The Ground 2006

Today, we’re excited to show you a very rare live video from the early days of OBSCURA. Enjoy ‘Alone‘ from the Retribution album, live at UP FROM THE GROUND 2006.
Pure and raw, with audio taken directly from the camera. 🤘
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OBSCURA | Retribution Vinyl