OBSCURA | “Emergent Evolution” Guitar Contest 2020

OBSCURA announce a guitar contest for the latest single “Emergent Evolution“. Take your chance to show us your solo. In association with ENGL amplification and ESP Guitars,we will provide some amazing prizes for the winners!

OBSCURA | Guitar Contest 2020 – Submissions

1. Download the Backing Track , GuitarPro File, PDF and Cubase Session here.
2. Record a video submission of your solo and upload it to YouTube with the tag
3. Only one entry per person.
4. All submitted videos will be collected in the playlist “OBSCURA | Guitar Contest
2020”- send your links to contact@realmofobscura.com
5. Submissions are to be entered between 8th of January and 8th of February.
6. OBSCURA pick the three winners on 12th of February 2020!

1. The first place winner of the contest wins a brand new ENGL Cabloader, an
Emergent Evolution TS, a signed Diluvium Vinyl, a signed Diluvium CD, custom
Obscura earplugs, a Obscura logo keychain, and 4 Ernie Ball Obscura Guitar Pics
2. The second place winner wins a signed Diluvium Vinyl, a signed Diluvium CD,
custom Obscura earplugs and 4 Ernie Ball Obscura Guitar Pics.
3. The third place winner wins a signed Diluvium CD, custom Obscura earplugs and 4
Earnie Ball Obscura Guitar Picks.

● The winner will be picked by the band on Feb 12 2020.
● All decisions are final.
● By entering the contest you agree that your full name and YouTube account is
mentioned on our social media platforms and that we might contact you in case of
● In case of winning you agree to submit your video in high resolution and allow
OBSCURA, ENGL amplification, and ESP guitars to upload it to their social media accounts.
● In case of winning you will provide a valid shipping address..
● The raffle is not associated with YouTube, Facebook or Instagram in any way.

OBSCURA | Preproduction #1 – ENGL Amplification

OBSCURA | ENGL Custom Bass Cabinet, CabloaderBASS CABINETS

ENGL Amplification provided us with the first custom made bass cabinet featuring the same dimensions as a regular guitar cabinet. The dedicated developers at ENGL built an entirely new cabinet for our upcoming European Tour and recordings according to our ideas.  We take down one guitar cabinet while keep the stage production clean and even more efficient.


With ENGLs recent development, the Cabloader, we basically found the missing link between using tube amplifiers, cabinets on stage and the convenience of modeling amps. The overall concept seems thought out in all aspects and Obscura will use 4 cabloaders combined with our regular setup to provide an even more brilliant live sound.


Last but not least, we upgraded our live rig with two brand new E570 preamps from the previous E530 units. With four channels, the E570 delivers a wider spectrum of sounds within our live shows. Especially crystal clear clean sounds, different gain structures and a MIDI feature enhanced the usability and overall guitar sound.

OBSCURA | Celestion Endorsement

Celestion LogoObscura announce a cooperation with one of the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of loudspeakers – Celestion!

Responsible for the first ever dedicated guitar speaker, Celestion drivers have become the ‘voice of rock & roll‘, delivering many of the most memorable performances by guitarists including Jimi Hendrix and Slash through to the current crop of high-octane shredders.

“With Celestion Speakers and ENGL Ampflifiers we establish the V-Type/A-Type combo within Obscura’s studio and live guitar cabinets. We tested the overall innovative array at ENGL HQ as part of a factory visit a few weeks ago – the difference sounds simply massive and improves both, our recordings and live setup.” – Steffen Kummerer / Obscura

“We’re seriously stoked to be working together with the mighty Obscura and our old friends Engl Amps, to help deliver some serious metal tones through cabs loaded with V-Type and A-Type speakers. The V-Type/A-Type speaker combo has been one of the best-kept secrets of metal tone for far too long. Thanks to Obscura it will be a secret no more!”John Paice / Celestion


Obscura | Celestion - A-Type Hero


the A-Type is a different kind of guitar speaker from Celestion. Of course, it still has the musical and revealing three-dimensional quality that is the heart and soul of a Celestion guitar speaker, however it features a more laid-back midrange which reveals body and complexity in the upper register, accompanied by full and rounded low frequencies for a big, blooming low end.

Clean players will love the smooth articulation; for rockers the brooding, powerful low end threatens thunder that’s only a heavy riff away!

Obscura | Celestion - V-Type HeroV-Type

The V-type has been built using a carefully balanced ‘recipe’ of old and new design techniques. It produces a heady, exciting modern vintage sound that just makes you want to keep on playing. Clean sounds are true across the lows, mids and highs, with just enough upper-mid chime and HF sparkle to add clarity and definition. Crank it up for a sizzling overdrive and raw rock and metal tones, with plenty of mid-band warmth to give body and substance to lead note playing.