OBSCURA | ENGL Custom Bass Cabinet, CabloaderBASS CABINETS

ENGL Amplification provided us with the first custom made bass cabinet featuring the same dimensions as a regular guitar cabinet. The dedicated developers at ENGL built an entirely new cabinet for our upcoming European Tour and recordings according to our ideas.  We take down one guitar cabinet while keep the stage production clean and even more efficient.


With ENGLs recent development, the Cabloader, we basically found the missing link between using tube amplifiers, cabinets on stage and the convenience of modeling amps. The overall concept seems thought out in all aspects and Obscura will use 4 cabloaders combined with our regular setup to provide an even more brilliant live sound.


Last but not least, we upgraded our live rig with two brand new E570 preamps from the previous E530 units. With four channels, the E570 delivers a wider spectrum of sounds within our live shows. Especially crystal clear clean sounds, different gain structures and a MIDI feature enhanced the usability and overall guitar sound.