We are excited to announce a major change in the OBSCURA management. With immediate effect Jan-Ole Lamberti of KULT MANAGEMENT takes over all management activities for OBSCURA.

Steffen Kummerer comments: “We are glad about the collaboration with Jan-Ole and KULT MANAGEMENT. We know each other for a long time and since we’ve teamed up, a lot of great things are already on the way. With this extremely professional management support we’re able to focus on music, songwriting and recording for 100%. This is a significant step ahead in the band’s history!”

Jan-Ole Lamberti comments: “With OBSCURA we’re taking over the management for one of the most talented and sophisticated death metal bands around. With their very unique style of progressive extreme metal, five critically acclaimed albums and four world tours they’ve become an integral part of today’s death metal scene. Their latest album DILUVIUM truly marks a new level in the band’s career and now we’re looking forward to bring this band to the fore!”

KULT MANAGEMENT is based in Germany and was founded by the first lady of extreme metal and former Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow. The company is also featuring leading bands of the genre like Arch Enemy and Amaranthe.